7 comments on “I’m sorry.

  1. Why be sorry? You are a professional. When a doctor is training, he might work in a free clinic for the experience. Once he is in practice, would you dream of asking “Hey doc; can you do a free physical for me?” Or a beautician … or dentist … or accountant?

  2. Ken, I gave up the freebies the moment I joined the Union. No more BG work, no more “featured extra,” etc. Give me a Principal role, or a Day Player role, and I’m your guy! Haven’t lost a minute of sleep over this decision.

  3. I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry that I’m a filmmaker.

    I’m sorry that I have a mortgage, a car payment, electric bill, cable bill, and health care expenses.

    I’m sorry I have family who are hungry, cold, and need an education.

    I’m sorry I have spent the better part of the past 10 years working on my filmmaking craft. Driving thousands upon thousands of miles to get to crew a film, take classes, go to workshops, and interview for a remedial media job I won’t get, never making one penny. Usually putting out a few.

    I’m sorry that when doing these things I am away from my family.

    I’m sorry that I believe in Union work and pay.

    I’m sorry that I have a fiance who does not want me to work on projects for FREE.

    I’m sorry that five years ago I would have done it.

    I’m sorry I cannot spend the next thirty days or my weekends or even one workday working with an actor I respect who won’t work with someone who has no money to offer.

    I’m sorry. You will probably be an awesome actor.

    I’m sorry I will miss out on your stardom.

    I’m sorry if you think I do not love what I do.


    I’m sorry.


    A filmmaker.

  4. I sincerely do not understand how anyone could have a problem with anything you wrote here. Most of those same filmmakers that expect actors to work for free would never spend months directing, or editing a movie for “meals and credit.” I find it personally frustrating when people are ok with paying their crew but expect their actors to work for free. And many times in those cases, the actors have far more experience than the crew that is getting paid.

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